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Basic Set up

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Pointing Your Domain to our Servers

This step is simpler than it seems. You will need to log into the domain registrars account that was set up for you by the company your purchased your domain through. There should be an area in their control panel that allows you to change the domain name server settings.

Please set the values to:



After you have made this change it will take from 24-72 hours for the change to fully propogate. The propogation process is basically just an update of the nameservers globally. Their function is to direct anyone that types in your web address to the correct server.

Your email and your site will not be available from the domain address until this process is fully propogated.

You may however access your site through an alias (the back door) by typing the following:
where user name is the user name you were given to access your Control Panel for your site. Use this method until your domain has fully propogated.


Account FTP Access

Account FTP access is the most commmonly used method for uploading your files to the web server.

To access you account via any FTP compliant program such as WSFTP Pro or the most recent version of Windows Explorer you will need to have a FTP account set up in the Control Panel.

Typically we set up a FTP account for you on creation of your account with us, but depending upon the circumstances we may or may not have set this feature up for you yet.

Setting up a New FTP account:

Go to the Control Panel and enter your user name and password.
Click on "FTP Manager"
Click on "FTP Accounts"
Click on "Add FTP Account"
Enter Login and password for the FTP account
Enter the character "/" where it asks you for the directory. (This will give you full access)
Click Create

That's its!

Accessing the site via FTP

When logging into the site via FTP you will have to use the complete user name with the domain when loggingin in. For example, if you set up the name "user" then you would have to enter "user@yourdomain.com" and the password to gain access. Just entering 'user" will not work. Keep in mind that it is case sensitive as well.



Before you attempt to download email with a email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express please make sure that you have set up the email account from the Web Host Control Panel and have sucessfully logged into the account from our Web Mail System. If you can access it from the webmail system then you should be able to retrieve it from vitually a POP3 compliant email client program.

Email Clients POP3 access

Outlook Express

If you are using Outlook Express for your email client on your computer please go to the Control Panel and log in.

Click on "Mail"

Click on "Add & Remove Accounts"

Then click on the "Outlook Express Auto Configuration" for any or all of the email accounts you have set up.

If this does not work then use the information below in the Outlook section to set up the configuration correctly. They are very similiar.


If you would like to use Outlook as your email client and would like to retrieve your e-mail via POP3.

New Account: We assume you have already set up an account in this explanation. If you have not please do so by opening Outlook and clicking "Tools", "Accounts", "Add", "Mail Account". Out look will ask you a series of questions with regards to the information below. Please read about the settings below so that you will understand what values to enter. If you enter something incorrectly don't worry because you can go back to correct the values.

Editing Existing Account: Typically editing account information can be done by opening Outlook and clicking on "Tools" , "Accounts" and highlighting the account you would like to edit and clicking "Properties". You will then be presented with a window that looks similiar to the window below depending on the version of Outlook you are using. The setting on the General tab are very self explanitory. Please adjust them to best meet your needs.

You will then click on the "Servers" tab.

You will be presented with a window similiar to the example below. These settings are crucial to connection, download and upload of your email.

Incoming POP3: Please adjust this setting to: "mail.yourdomain.com" where "your domain.com" is the value of the webaddress you have retained and are using. If this does not work please feel free to try "mail.remedywebhosting.com"

Note: Netscape users and select others may experience problems with collecting their mail. In this case, mail server login name must be written with the "%" , "+", or the ":" character instead of the @ sign, e.g. username%example.com

Outgoing SMTP: Please adjust this setting to: "mail.yourdomain.com" where "your domain.com" is the value of the webaddress you have retained and are using. If this does not work please feel free to try "mail.remedywebhosting.com"




  If you outbound email does not work:

First, please make sure that your Internet provider allows you to use a SMTP server other than their own.  For instance, Cox@home services do not allow you to use any outbound mail server other than their own. Under the SMTP field you may have to use an address like "smtp.west.cox.net" Please check with you service provider.

Second: Check the box for the setting "My server requires authentication".


Web Mail




The web mail system is provided for our customers to access their e-mail from anywhere in the world. It provides you with 3 different programs to use. Please choose the one that your prefer the best. They all allow you to view and create email, keep an address book, and set up a folder system that best suits your needs.


  • Open a Internet Browser window
  • You can reach the webmail system using your own domain by entering "http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail" or by entering http://www.remedywebhosting.com/webmail or by going to the remedywebhosting.com site which provides links to the webmail system as well.
  • Enter your complete email account as the user name with the domain and extension. Example: ( sales@yourdomain.com)
  • Then enter you password. You then will be presented with a screen similiar to the example below.
  • Choose the email client that you prefer the best.




    C-Panel is a control panel that allows you to make adjustments to your web hosting account.

    Additions, Deletions and edits can be done to email accounts and FTP accounts from within the control panel and many other functions including site statistics and Search Engine submission. But care must be taken, because there are many functions which could, if set improperly, cause problems with your site. There are also

    If you are not familiar with the management of a webhosting account please take the time to read the documentaion for the control panel. If you are still not sure what something does, don't do it! Call us.

    The C-Panel can be accessed easily from two places:

    Then enter your unique user name and password provided to you when you set your account up.

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